Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dripping With Anger

You're gonna say that I'm a bad influence?
You're gonna put this all on me?
I'm to blame for your behavior?
Are you kidding me?
Who keeps this family glued together?
Who makes sure everyone is taken care of?
Who? Who?
Who steps in when you decide to shut down?
And what have you done? 
You've shut yourself down
And you have the audacity to blame me!
Are you for real?
You can't even have a conversation
Instead you act like the toddler that you are
Avoid the people in your life
Your allies
Your support system 
Have I not been your sounding board for the last who knows how many years?
Have I not been the mother for your children that they never had?
Have I not stepped in for the wife that you never had?
Have I not been through hell in back and dealt with it alone?
Without parent
Without support 
Without love 
Do you even know what I've been through?
What I've overcome?
Who I was and who I have become?
Do you know me at all??
I'm a bad influence? Really?!?

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