Thursday, April 28, 2016


Polar opposites
Two sides of a coin
Day and night
Sun and moon
One young and the other old

The young one is quiet. Often introspective. Thoughts flood her mind at all times. She is mostly sad. Stuck in a past life. Forever reliving memories. She is 6 years old. Wants to be held. To be heard. To be listened to. She is artistic. Creative. A loyal friend. Would drop anything to be there for you.  

The old one is loud. A leader. A bitch. Take charge kind of gal. She has a hard shell. Built a fortress around her heart. No one would dare enter. Giving up is not option. She shows up. No matter what. Fights to lead a functional life. No one can think she is weak. She is 80. Propelled into adulthood. Forced to be mature. Make life decisions. She is a fighter. She will leave before you hurt her.

One is mean to the other
Telling her to snap out of it
Not to fall into the trap
Of life
Of love

The other is sad
She is tired
Begging the other to make things ok
To hold her hand
Waiting for a pain free moment

They are polar
But perhaps one day they could meet
Join forces
And form an alliance

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Authenticity Is Overrated

She feels calm
Calmness to breathe 
To sleep 

She has clarity 
Clear minded 
Clear conscious 

She is free 
Freedom to express herself 
Be herself 

She has no fear 
Of others

She is unique 
One of a kind 
Unlike anyone else 

She is legitimate 
Solid and whole 
Accepted and needed

She is genuine 
Inside and out