Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Seriously. That's what you are going to say.You do not want me to respond. Because it won't be pretty. I won't be that quiet soul you think you met. Maybe you should grow a pair. Of balls that is. Because you don't know me. No one puts me in a corner. Or defines me. I don't fit into a neat little box. I am limitless. And you do not call the shots. Maybe you should look inward instead of pointing fingers. Did you ever think that it might be you that's the problem. Maybe you should look at your pattern. And get a clue. Don't you dare make assumptions about me. Or label me. I am not yours to comment about. Open your eyes. Or smell the coffee. Whatever. You are not worth my time.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Eat your food. Don't wear it.

I've been watching this show. I don't know why but it kind of fascinates me. Each episode shows two points of view of the same story. The first half shows the man's story and the second half shows her version of what happened. They are wearing different clothes, the conversations are different. It is their own unique story.

It makes me think of life. Of how we interact with the world around us. People in our lives. We each walk around with a bubble surrounding us. We are each the center of our own world. And everyone else is playing a part in it. And there are billions of bubbles all trying to interact.

I recently had an experience where I should have followed my gut. I let people talk me into doing something that I knew deep inside that I didn't want to do. But for the good of the cause. Possibly for my future. I agreed. What a waste of time. I knew it wasn't right. But I went along with it. To make them happy. Not to be rude.

This is my bubble. And I know better than to ignore my gut. This was a wonderful reminder of what I want. And do not want. A reminder that I make my own decisions. Without unnecessary advice. Or influence. This is my story. I can be choosey about who I let in. And that is ok. There are no rules.

So heads up. I am not a bitch. And I am not quiet. I won't waste my time. I will speak if I find it necessary. And have fun when I feel comfortable. No one will put me in a box. Label me. Or force me into their bubble. This is my show. My world. And I will decide.