Friday, July 29, 2016

What Are You Waiting For

Don't ask me for an update. If you really cared, you would just show up. I know that you have your own life. Wrapped up in your own world.

So far away. Four whole hours.

But seriously.

It is really hard for me to be understanding. Stay open-minded and positive. Your occasional message checking in. What are you waiting for.

A funeral.

Because it will happen one day. And then what. What will you feel then. Will you regret. All those times you did not bother to come. Those precious moments that you missed.

You can still catch that brief smile of recognition. It's not too late. But the clock is ticking. Decline is happening. And you are not here.

What are you waiting for.

Waiting for that phone call.

The phone call that will change all of our lives. Alter reality as we know it. And then you will show up. And be sad.


For this tremendous loss you feel. But never actually took advantage of the time that you did have. And did not bother to come and make a difference. You left it up to others.


Always our responsibility. Burden. Pain. Privilege. To care for. And hold. To feed. And cheer up. A lifetime revolved around. Affected.

In the end. We will have very little regret. Will feel pride and comfort. That we did all we could.


That we were there.

And you will come and it will be too late. You will drop everything and finally show up. And it will not matter anymore. Because you missed out. Your loss.

And while it will be a loss for us. We will be consoled that our faces were recognized. Hands squeezed. Occasional name uttered.

We were always there.

Monday, July 18, 2016

6 Years.

6 Years.
72 Months.
2190 Days.
52560 Hours.
3153600 Minutes.

Time is a funny thing.
Slows down when you need it to pass.
Flies by when you want to catch the moment.
You can't change it.
Only relive it.

Time has a mind of its own.
Memories are confused.
Brain in a fog.
Thoughts rearranged.
Is any of it true.

Time never leaves.
Always in the background.
You can't escape it.
Only avoid suffocation.
Wait to forget.

This day comes every year. 
Less and less meaning. 
As time evaporates. 
Memories fade. 
Tomorrow is another day. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


How about 

Why do we separate 
Each other


All sad events
Could have been prevented

Should not be a factor

Changing your profile picture 
Sharing a hashtag 
Using social media 

Makes no difference 
Helps no one 
Is absolutely useless 

Did you ever think 
About Israel 
In constant state of attack 

When's the last time 
You changed your profile picture 
Because a Palestinian stabbed an Israeli 

Blame the cops 
Point out color 
Rant and rave 

Just remember that tiny country 
Smaller than rhode island 
Suffering daily 

At the hands of the devil 
Constantly on alert
Defending its life as a nation 

So just cut it out 
A waste of words 
Get off that stupid soapbox