Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sweet Baby Girl

Sitting in the nicu
Babies fighting for life
Reaching for the next breath

One mother gets to reach into the incubator
Touching her child
Cooing at her baby
Laughing with family around

Another mother is not allowed near
Her infant is too delicate
Stimulation is bad
Detrimental to her baby's healing

Such innocence
Total dependence
Machines beeping all around
Held together by the grace of G-d

She opens her eyes
Can she see me

Dear little sweet girl
You can fight this
You are strong
You are loved

Take your time
But don't give up
Don't give in

You are lucky
Born into a loving family
The world is at your fingertips
You can do this

She opens her eyes again
I believe that G-d is inside of you
He's around you
He's protecting you

You will be held
And loved by all who meet you
You will inspire us all
And grow to be a strong and happy girl

Sweet baby girl.

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