Monday, October 12, 2015

Don't Reach Out

Please stop messaging me.
I have turned my life around
Living a positive and productive life
Surrounded by motivating people
Making smart decisions
Trying at least
And I can handle no distractions
I have cut out all the toxic people
Or environments
So I am sorry
I cannot be in your life
I cannot have you in my life
It is not good for me
I know this sounds classic
It's not you, it's me
But it is the truth
I must do what is best for me
No matter the costs
I apologize for my harshness
But you and I both know
That no good will come from this
So please don't reach out to me again
I wish you luck with your life
But it can't be my focus
I have enough on my plate
And that is what I need to to focus on
Thank you for understanding


  1. good for you! healthy boundaries are hard but amazing!

    1. Thanks for the supportive comment. It seems that challenges and temptations pop up way too often. But I am trying.

  2. of course! thats how it is. Two steps forward, one back. sometimes one forward, two back, but we have to keep trying, thats what counts!

    1. Wow! So true. I actually think that I took three steps forward this week.

  3. AMAZING! good for you! I would say I hope it continues but it might be a few steps back next week. I see it like losing weight. the pounds you lost and creep back on, if you are motivated, they come more easily again.
    good luck!