Sunday, August 25, 2013

Everyone Goes Home

Everyone goes home
They all collect their things
Collect their kids
Strap in to their car seats
Drive off in their minivans

Everyone goes home
To bathe their kids
They wrestle kids into bed
Clean up their house
Finally a quiet moment
To reflect on the day

Everyone goes home
And has someone next to them
Keeping them company
Warming them up
Holding their hand
Loving them back

Everyone goes home
And so do I

But no one else is home
It's just me


  1. So you've had a sudden rush of the desire to write. Glad you did - as your sole commenter, i like to have new material.

    to me 60,000 sounds like a job offer that you have been given that you are concerned about taking.

    To me it sounds like moving on has been both easy and very difficult.

    To me wanting to be a mommy sounds like the world's most natural thing.

    to me listening to other people's problems, when you have your own stack, is annoying but still important. We need out friends and family, even when we don't necessarily want them.

    Keep the faith sis.

  2. Oh and i spend time today going back and reading your other blog. WOW.

  3. Thank you for your comments Cymbaline! Always helpful to have feedback.

  4. And so long as you write, feedback you shall have :)
    And now that I have read your other blog, i have more perspective on this one. So I understand WHERE you are coming from - even if i cannot understasnd it per se.