Friday, December 4, 2015


It's not healthy for me. Don't you get it. Why would you even bother. Have I not made myself clear. I asked you to stop. In the nicest way possible. So please tell me why. Why would you even try. Do you think I wasn't serious. That I don't stick to my word. 

I don't need this. Reading old messages. Emails. Of a previous lifetime. Someone that wasn't me. That I never wanted to be. A trap that I fell into. Judging myself throughout. 

I've moved forward. Onward. I'm trying. But it's hard. All the time. Nothing comes easy. Nothing is simple. Blockades at every turn. The world desperately waiting to see me stumble. Fall flat on my face. Accomplishing nothing. 

I will not give in. Not to the pain. Not to the fear. No person will stand in my way. Not even myself. I will fight. And push through. No matter the cost. Or the loss. You will not be a problem. A tiny fleck of dust I have blown away. You and everyone else. No interference. Not a thing.

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