Sunday, June 15, 2014

Separation is Reality

I'm so sad to hear a friend is separated from her husband. It's scary to think that we all got married too young. Young and naive. Idealistic and stupid. Following our hearts and not our brains. Did I luck out? Did I get out early? When very little damage could be done? Did I have time to myself. To grow. To mature. To live. Alone. Without another. No one else to rule my life. No future consequences. A clean break. Separation for me was a given. The minute it started, it was the end. The end of a life. End of reality. He wanted out. There was no chance for any forgiveness. He got what he wanted. But truly, separation should be a chance. A chance to figure things out. To work things through. You got married for a reason. Because you saw something in each other. Was it only peer pressure. Family pressure. The thing everyone was doing. Marrying high school boyfriends. Now what. Is no one really happy. Are there no good marriages. Is everything a facade. Are you all faking. Do true love and happiness not exist. Is it unattainable. What has come of this world. What will happen to everyone. Are you happy. Is anyone happy. Is there a chance for me.


  1. Some of us married folks are truly happy. Others of us are probably faking it, either to the rest of world or sometimes even to ourselves. I have learned over the years that it doesn't take anything specific to make you happy. It's not needing anything specific that can truly bring satisfaction to one's life.
    My two cents. Greetings from an old man in the Ukraine.

  2. I hope there's a chance for a couple to be truly happy. For your sake and mine. The world is too depressing otherwise.