Friday, June 6, 2014

Nope. Not For Me

I made a decision. It's been weighing on me for a while. I choose not to do it. And I feel good about it. The stress doesn't need to be mine. I have weighed the pros and cons. Over and over again. It's not the right fit for me. I can do better. And I will do better. This does not define me. This may be an opportunity that I am passing up. But I can make other opportunities. I will make something of myself. And this is not it. This is not right. I feel it in my gut. I feel it in my soul. I am sure of this decision. I could ask a million other people what they think. And they will all think I am crazy. But the choice is mine. Yes, I am very capable and I could totally pull it off. But the final answer is that I do not want to. This is not me avoiding my potential. This is me finally admitting what I want. And this is not it. Sighing a sigh of relief. Tonight I sleep with no worries.

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