Tuesday, February 18, 2014

you get what you deserve

When you're stupid
You suffer the consequences 
End up alone 
A reminder 
Of reality 
Life hits you in the face 
You are stupid 
Ask for trouble 
Self inflicted pain 
No one else's fault 
But your own 
Cement your own destiny 
Define what your life 
Has become 
You are stupid 
Stupid stupid
You deserve nothing 
Pain and suffering 
Brought on yourself 
You will never 
Be happy 
Never be loved 
Never be appreciated
You don't deserve 
Deserve nothing 
Only pain and misery 
Self destruction
Sadness cloaked in numbness 
Pain hidden in avoidance 
Disappointment hidden in a smile 
You get what you deserve 
Lie in the bed you make
Buried in the grave you dig 
No wonder he left 
Everyone left 
Everyone leaves 
Because you don't deserve 
You are unworthy 
You are stupid 
He deserves better 
Better than you 
Because you are a failure 
You are bad 
You deserve to be
You are stupid 
One day 
Death will be welcomed 
A final peace 
Silence of the mind
Pain free 
Stupid free 
Life free 
You are stupid 
You get what you deserve 
The end 

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