Tuesday, February 18, 2014

devour me

You didn't listen
I told you no
I tried so hard 
To end things 
I was hoping 
You would get the message 
Let me off the hook
Do the right thing 
Be the stronger person 
You kept talking to me 
It wasn't over 
I couldn't stop 
I needed one more second 
You wanted more time
Saw that I was weak 
You sat around the corner 
I went against my morals 
I walked to your car 
I got in the passenger side 
We were silent 
Like we knew each other 
For a lifetime 
A magnetic pull 
Drawing us closer 
You drove to a parking lot
I kept shaking my head 
Knew this was wrong 
So very wrong 
But I didnt stop you 
I just wanted to be close to you 
Even for one tiny second 
I needed the attention 
I felt the desire
My body was shaking 
My heart was beating 
You said you just wanted to be near me
All you wanted was to touch my face 
It had been so long
Since I had felt anything 
Let alone touch
And then you touched my face 
You ran your fingers along my lips 
Pulled me towards you 
A small kiss
Your hands in my hair 
I knew we should stop
But I wanted more 
I craved more 
I needed you to touch me
To feel me 
But I kept sitting back 
Shaking my head
It was all wrong 
We were all wrong 
And then you drove
To a more deserted location 
And I felt your tongue 
I tasted your mouth 
Your hand tried to travel 
I stopped you
And then you held my hand 
I wrapped my fingers in yours 
I just wanted more 
I wanted you
I wanted you to want me 
To devour me 
But we kept stopping
Holding back 
A ticking time bomb 
About to explode
The desire was flooding the car
You laid on my chest 
You felt my scar
And your fingers tried to travel 
But I pulled you away 
We were on the verge 
Of insanity 
And then you got your bearings 
You buckled your seat belt
And drove me back 
I got out of your car 
And I kissed the window 
I left my lip print 
On your car 
So you would always see me there 
Never forget me
Or that moment 
And then I ran inside  
Guilt overwhelmed me 
But so did desire 
I wanted more
I wanted you
I got moments 
And they began fading 
Sporadic memory 
Of your lips on mine 
Your fingers on my face
Your head on my chest 
A moment that came and went
was reminded 
I was awakened 
I felt
I desired 
I was real 
During that entire moment
I was real
I was alive 
And then it was over

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