Saturday, June 6, 2015

Big Brown Eyes

I hesitate to go into her room 
I don't want to wake her
But I want to bring her clothes into her room 
Make sure she is ready for tomorrow
The lights are off 
She is still awake 
She looks at me with those big brown eyes
She is snuggled in her blanket 
I check to make sure she is not wet 
Give her lots of kisses
She smiles at me 
I Choose her clothes for the next day 
A matching grey outfit 
Cute little shoes 
Place them at the end of her bed
Quietly close her dresser 
I get into bed with her 
As she curls into my arms 
Her tiny body barely taking any space 
She looks at me once more and smiles 
Her long eyelashes flutter 
And she drifts off into a deep sleep 
As I hold her tight in my arms 
I am grateful 
She is my mother 

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