Friday, January 17, 2014

Second Chance

Are people capable of change
Do you give someone a chance
Or hold them at fault for the past 
When they could hold you to the same standard 
Does giving them a chance 
Mean you are desperate 
Make you pathetic 
Is there such a thing as fate 
Does god send such clear messages 
Do people deserve second chances 
Is the potential worth it
Despite the unknown 
Is this a reward
Or a tease
Perhaps just a punishment 
Should credit be given
For persistency 
And patience 

Am I thinking too much into this


  1. I think it really depends on what they did. Some folks deserve a second chance, but not everything can be forgiven.

  2. What would you say can't be forgiven?

    1. Cheating, murder, sexual abuse, physical abuse, certain things which make you boil with rage every time you think of it, and he/she will be a constant reminder of that? Do you really believe things are different now? I don't know, I can't with out knowing the details, and even then, its ultimately up to you.

  3. I gave the guy a second chance and was sorely disappointed.